Baby Jogger City Select Review

The Baby Jogger City Select is a multi-functional stroller that transforms from a single to a double stroller. It has a patented attachment system that allows parents to customize seating combinations to suit their needs.


• Dimensions: 43.5 x 25.8 x 41.5 inches
• Weight: 28 lbs.
• Weight capacity: 45 lbs. (single)
• 16 seating combinations
• Double conversion kit (sold separately)
• Patented quick fold system
• Five-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover
• Adjustable multi-position seat (from upright to multiple reclining positions)
• Adjustable sun canopy
• Adjustable head height
• Hand operated brakes for safe parking


The Baby Jogger City Select converts from a single to double stroller, allowing parents the convenience of having a multi-purpose stroller that grows with their family. For those with toddlers and a new baby it eliminates the need of having to bring two strollers. Its award winning 16-seating combinations gives parents freedom to customize seating and carrying configurations to suit their needs.

The five–point harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover ensures your baby is seated comfortably and safely. Although it is convertible into a double stroller, its narrower frame compared to other competitors allows more freedom of movement without having to worry about tight spaces. This stroller also allows you to adjust its three part sun canopy (provides more protection than most strollers) and even the head height of the cover, truly accommodating a growing child’s needs.

The added front-wheel suspension allows a more comfortable ride and easier maneuverability even on uneven surfaces. Hand operated brakes provide easier parking. The Baby Jogger City Select folds compactly for easier transport and storage.


The Baby Jogger City Select is a bit pricey, although still affordable compared to higher-end strollers with the same features. When used as a double stroller, it gets harder to maneuver especially when moving up or down an incline. Since it converts into a double, it is considered a full size stroller and not as compact as its single stroller counterparts. It also does not stand on its own once folded for storage. You will need to lean it against a wall or similar surface if you want to store or transport it in an upright position.

Converting the stroller from a single to a double takes a bit of work and effort, it is not as easy as snapping on an added seat, however once all the basic converter parts are in place, it basically is an easy to use double stroller, unless of course you want to shift it back to single.

Our Recommendations

For parents who want a stroller that grows with their family or for those who already have two children, this stroller could be a good choice. Despite its pricier cost, its versatility, quality and durability make it well worth its price. Especially for those planning to have a second child close in age the City Select can be considered a good investment.

Its elegant design makes it a stylish yet useful accessory for the modern family. All in all, this stroller provides comfort, safety, versatility and durability plus extra features that make it worth its price.

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