Guide to the Best Compact Stroller 2019

If you have a small car with limited space a compact folding stroller may be the best option for you. These strollers are ultra lightweight, easy to fold and even easier to push. Plus, they are a great way to save space in a trunk with limited capacity.

Where do you begin? We’ve reviewed the best compact stroller 2019 offers to make finding a compact baby stroller easy.

2019 Best Compact Stroller Comparison Chart

StrollerImageTypeWeightCapacityPriceOur Rating (/5)

Baby Jogger City Tour

Single14 lbs45 lbsSee It4.5

gb Pockit

Single9.5 lbs55 lbsSee It4.5

Delta Children LX

Double19 lbs35 lbs (each)See It4.5

Babyzen YOYO

Single12.8 lbs33 lbsSee It4.5

Mountain Buggy Nano

Single13 lbs44lbsSee It4.0

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience

Single13 lbs50 lbsSee It4.5

Baby Trend Rocket

Single12.5 lbs50 lbsSee It4.0

Summer Infant 3Dtwo Double Convenience

Double22 lbs75 lbsSee It3.5

What makes a stroller compact?

The difference between a small compact stroller and an average stroller concern both it’s size and weight. An average stroller with many features usually weighs over 20 lbs and can be quite difficult to use if you’re regularly folding and unfolding it.

They’re also more compact when folded. This makes them super easy to travel with as they can usually be taken on board as carry on luggage when flying.

A light compact stroller can be anywhere from 9.5 lbs to 15 lbs making them super easy to maneuver and also easy to travel with.

most compact umbrella stroller

What to look for in the best compact lightweight stroller?

What type of stroller do you need? You will be purchasing either a single or double stroller – there are compact strollers available in both sizes.

How old is your child? Do you need a compact stroller for an infant or a compact toddler stroller? Take note of the weight capacity as your child may have already outgrown the most compact buggy.

What is the capacity of your trunk? If you have a super small car, you may only be interested in the most compact stroller 2019 offers. Even compact strollers can be large when folded. You will find many compact stroller options for a small car below.

What is your budget? Luckily, an advantage of purchasing a compact fold pushchair is that they’re usually cheaper than a average sized stroller. You can actually find a cheap compact stroller with a lot of features.

Top Compact Stroller Reviews 2019

Baby Jogger City Tour stroller Review

Purchasing a stroller from a well known brand offers some confidence, and the most compact buggy that Baby Jogger offers is the City Tour. With a large weight capacity, 5 point harness and some other great features, this is one awesome ultra compact stroller.

The best part of this compact infant stroller is that there is not a lack of features. It may weigh only 14 lbs, but it still packs in a huge SPF 50+ canopy, a large under basket, near flat recline and a super comfortable padded infant seat. It also comes in a few different colors and includes a backpack style carry bag so travel is easy.

As it is so compact, it is the best compact stroller for travel from Baby Jogger being suitable for baggage guidelines for all major forms of transport.

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gb Pockit Stroller Review

Not only a super lightweight and compact option, The gb Pockit stroller is also a very affordable option for parents on a budget.

One of the easier strollers to fold, it can be folded in two different ways and has the advance of being able to stand alone when folded. It also has all the features you would expect on a top stroller such as an adjustable harness, lockable swivel wheels, a large basket underneath and one hand push.

A record breaking compact fold up stroller, it weights only 9.5 lbs and yet is one of the strongest strollers in it’s class with a huge weight capacity of 55 lbs which makes it the best compact stroller for a toddler. This is the most most compact buggy you’ll find in this quality.

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Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller Review

Are you looking for the best compact double stroller? The next best lightweight compact stroller, the Delta Children LX may be just what you’re looking for. This is side by side small compact stroller is a great option for parents looking for a lightweight double that wont take up too much space.

On each seat is a 5 point harness, shock absorbing wheels, a large canvas and a parent cup holder. At 19 lbs it’s definitely one of the most lightweight double strollers you’ll find.

Unfortunately the handles are not height adjustable which may be a problem for taller parents, but you can purchase a height extender. Fortunately, assembly is super easy!

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Babyzen YOYO Stroller Review

If you really want a stroller that can fit anywhere, take a look at the Babyzen YOYO.

This is the most compact pushchair of it’s kind and can easily be carried with you on a train, bus or cab. It also comes with a carry bag making transporting it super easy and is lightweight at only 12.8 lbs.

Unfolded there is plenty of space for a baby and a maximum. With all wheel suspension and a one hand fold it’s really easy to use. Some reviews do mention that the handle is inferior, but we haven’t found this to be overly problematic. It’s a great small folding stroller compact option.

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Mountain Buggy Nano Review

If you’re looking for the best compact travel stroller, the Mountain Buggy Nano ticks all the boxes.

What makes this the best compact stroller for travel is it’s lightweight – it’s only 13 lbs – and it’s included travel bag with a shoulder strap. It is also compact enough to fit easily into most overhead airplane compartments.

Although it’s certainly a compact stroller, it has all the extra features you need including a large sunshade, a super easy two stage fold with automatic locking and a built in car seat adapter making it the best compact travel system. The new model also has added seat recline and improved suspension for a super smooth ride.

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