Best Strollers 2016

The New Year is almost upon us and the best strollers 2016 have been revealed. There are some exciting new strollers being introduced in 2016, and some improvements of popular strollers over previous years.

Certainly manufacturers are seeing that parents require quick and easy strollers, and so much of the improvements are based around this. The best baby strollers 2016 include simple and quick features that parents will appreciate. Another thing to notice is weight capacity increases combined with lower stroller weight.

BEST strollers 2016

You can use the list below to find the best stroller 2016 has for you.

Best Strollers 2016

Bob Revolution Flex 2016 Review

Starting off the best baby stroller 2016 list is the Bob Revolution Flex, which has been a popular stroller in previous years. The updates in 2016 have only reinforced the stroller’s image, and the 2016 stroller reviews have been very positive.

There were several changes made to the previous years, most notably the stroller’s weight capacity having increased to a generous 75 lbs. This alone makes it one of the top strollers 2016 offers.

The stroller has retained the tough and sporty design that it has been popular for, with front wheels that can be clicked into place for jogging. The front/back wheel quick release has also been improved for greater usability.

The seat is now easier to recline with a one handed recline function, and the lower storage basket is now extra large. The stroller is also available in a new, fashionable green.

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Bob Revolution Pro 2016 Review

The best stroller 2016 has to be tough. Bob have also updated the Revolution Pro stroller to become one of the best travel stroller 2016 options. The changes made to the Revolution Pro are much the same as the Revolution Flex.

Something great about the Revolution Pro is that the stroller allows for greater traction up hills with its hand activated rear brakes. Improvements in the stroller over the previous year include a larger basket, with the stroller having plenty of storage in both the back and sides.

The strollers improved suspension has given it a great ride over all surfaces, with tough pneumatic tires. The stroller also has improved quick release for the front/back wheels, with the stroller’s front wheel being locked with a simple twist of the wheel-tracking knob.

This 2016 best strollers fabric is also available several new bright colors.

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Austlen Entourage Review

The Austlen Entourage is another of the best 2016 strollers. The stroller will have a capacity to hold a weight of up to an incredible 150lbs! This is the highest capacity weight of any of the 2016 baby strollers on the market.

Also making this stroller one of the best infant strollers 2016 is the fact that is can be configured to 30 different positions, making it incredibly useful in any situation. This stroller can range from a single, to a sit and stand and even a double travel stroller. The stroller can also be used as a transporter in the back and stroller in front with plenty of storage.

And I haven’t even mentioned the parent console yet – absolutely awesome. Check out the youtube review above.

The front seat will have five recline positions. Unfortunately, the 2016 front seat will not be reversible, which is the only issue I have.

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Best Double Strollers 2016

There are many great baby stroller 2016 options for you to choose from, and some of the best strollers of 2016 are doubles! This is great news for parents with more than one child, or those parents that need flexibility for transport.

It is clear from below that the best double stroller 2016 is versatile and easy to use whilst minimizing space.

UPPA Baby G-Link 2016 Double Stroller Review

The first best baby stroller 2016 double is the UPPA Baby G-Link. This new stroller available in 2016 will be the first double umbrella stroller by UPPA Baby.

The great thing about this umbrella stroller is that it will be able to accommodate for newborns to toddlers, meaning it could be the best infant stroller 2016. The stroller will come with a one handed recline, infant headrests and adjustable footrests. There is also a mesh screen at the base of the seat for protecting newborns. This stroller is the best double stroller 2016 for newborns.

The stroller will have two independent canopies and will be only 30 inches wide. Unfortunately, the stroller will not be able to be used as a travel system, but it is certainly a great new umbrella stroller.

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Phil & Teds Voyager Review

The Phil & Teds Voyager is the next 2016 best stroller, and is a convertible inline stroller. This stroller is great, as it will fold as one piece, regardless of where the seat sits. This will make things both quicker and easier for parents on the go.

The strollers best 2016 features are its two tall seats with versatile configuration options. Both seats will have the ability to be reclined and reversed. The seats will can also be removed from the stroller and used as freestanding seats, making the stroller even more convenient.

The stroller will guarantee a smooth ride with tires that will never go flat. The Voyager will be one of the most useable double strollers of 2016, and one of the best strollers of 2016.

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Bob Revolution Pro Duallie 2016 Review

The popular Bob Revolution Pro has been designed as a double, with the Duallie available in 2016.

The Revolution Pro Duallie 2016 best double stroller will include all the great features of the single, including the hand activated rear brakes which make it so easy going up hill. The stroller will feature a single padded handlebar that has the ability to be adjusted to nine different levels for the perfect fit.

The stroller will feature adjustable suspension and two-step folding for easy storage.  Both BOB infant car seat and snack tray can also be easily attached.

The stroller will have independent canopies, and both seats will feature adjustable reclining seats and five point harnesses. This stroller is easily one of the best stroller 2016 options.

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There is also a new and improved Bob 2016 Revolution Flex Duallie stroller available.

Best Lightweight Strollers 2016 and Best Umbrella Strollers 2016

The best stroller reviews 2016 have a common theme – everyone wants a lightweight, easy to use stroller. Not only does this make using the stroller easier, but also it makes travel and transport easier.

Luckily, 2016 is bringing the lightest weight stroller ever! Below you will find the best umbrella strollers, and the best stroller for travel 2016 offers.

Baby Jogger City Metro Review

Baby Jogger will be introducing a brand new stroller in 2016, the City Metro.

The City Metro stroller has brought back some great features from the discontinued City Versa stroller in a lighter weight and sleeker version in an attempt to be the best 2016 stroller. Over the City Versa, the stroller has lost both weight and inches in its size but has remained just as usable.

Much of the major issues of the City Metro have been resolved and the stroller now features a single handlebar that is adjustable to a greater extent, and larger, lightweight wheels with 12” wheels at the rear and 8” at the front. This has lead to the stroller being the best stroller of 2016 for comfort, and is very easy to push.

The stroller will hold up to 50lbs, weigh around 28lbs and will be available in a range of colors in a durable strong fabric.

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GB Pockit Review

The GB Pockit is one of the most exciting strollers of 2016. The Pockit is to be the world’s smallest folding stroller. What is incredible about this stroller is that it weighs as little as 9lbs, but has the capacity for a child of up to 55lbs. This also makes it one of the best travel strollers 2016 has to offer.

Like the best strollers of 2016, the stroller will have a fair sized under basket, considering the size of the stroller that is deep and accessible even when a child is seated.

The swivel wheels on front can be locked for changing terrain, which is essential on such a lightweight stroller.

The stroller will also be easy to clean, with a fabric covering which can be removed and machine-washed. This stroller will be the best umbrella stroller for travel 2016 has to offer.

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GB Maris Review

Another contender for the best lightweight stroller 2016 by GB is the Maris which is a full-featured version of the Pockit stroller. The stroller makes up for the lack of features from the weight saving Pockit, although with an obvious weight increase.

There are many features parents will accept as standard on the Maris and other best strollers in 2016. The seat of the Maris is considerably more roomy, spacious and reversible. The seat can also be reclined to a flat position, which also means that the stroller is suitable for a newborn.

The Maris will have a large canopy and adjustable footrests. These features will satisfy most parents, however the price tag is expected to be high. For a quality stroller, and for one of the best lightweight strollers 2016 has to offer, it is worth it.

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As you can see, 2016 is an exciting year for strollers!

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