Umbrellas vs. Lightweights and Top Brands Reviewed

Which umbrella stroller would be the best for your family and your lifestyle is only one of many choices that a new parent has to make.  There are a huge variety of types and styles of stroller for a parent to choose from to help make their lives easier.  There are various types of strollers that are designed as light weight and easy to use but some of these could be rickety and may not totally be safe for your child.  There are many decisions that need to be made to find the best choice.

What Type Will Work Best For You?

The double jogging stroller could work best for some mothers and fathers if they have more than one child.  This way there is only one stroller that would hold two children for their trip out to the park or to the local store.  Another important factor is how lightweight and easy to maneuver the stroller is.  How compact a stroller folds also holds a high place on the list of importance, because it may have to be used in traveling on a bus or airline or just may need to take up a small amount of space at home or in the family vehicle.


Things To Consider

  • How will you use your new stroller?
  • How old is your child that you will be pushing in it?
  • How much does your child weigh?
  • How comfortable is the stroller for your child?
  • Does the stroller fit into your budget?

Why Are These Choices So Important?

One thing that many people seem to overlook, is the age of the child.  This is important, because if your child is an infant under the age of 3 months, they will have very little to no neck control.  If your child is under 6 months, then your child is at a critical stage of development and should not be sitting up for an extended period of time.  Many people do not think about all of this.  It is important that if you have an infant to select a stroller that will recline back so to support your infants head and back for its safety.

Another thing to consider is the proper size and height of your stroller for your ease of use.  If the stroller is too big and heavy with your child or children in it for your strength, how comfortable is it going to be for you to use.  If the handles on the stroller sit too low and you have to bend over to push it, how long of a walk are you going to be able to take with your child.  When making a choice on selecting your stroller, not only are there decisions to be made for the benefit of your child but also for either mom or dad that will be using the stroller the most.  Be sure to consider all of your options when selecting your new umbrella stroller by considering your lifestyle.

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