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Introducing Baby #5

Today, my latest baby boy is 2 months old! It’s been a crazy and wonderful two months as we get to know our latest little bundle of joy. You’ll have to excuse me for not sharing a photo but I have never felt comfortable putting photos of

Baby Due Any Moment!

This might be my last article for a couple of months – my baby is due at any moment! I am very excited to meet my fifth and final child and time is going very slowly. As always, I am being kept very busy by my existing

A New Stroller for Me!

I am 8 months pregnant now (yay!) and I am happy that we found both a name for the baby and a new stroller. Phew! That’s the hard parts done 😉 I couldn’t stop going back and forth, back and forth between a compact option, a jogging

A New Baby Boy!

Things are going very well with my pregnancy and somehow I am now 7 months pregnant! Sometimes that seems very fast, other times I just want it over! It’s so hard being pregnant, although after having twins at least this pregnancy seems relatively easy. At our 20

Choosing My Zillionth Stroller

So I am now four months pregnant and it is all going very well! I have the great energy boost of the second trimester. I definitely find my body struggles more with every pregnancy but a singleton is much easier than my previous twins. I am already

Big News: A New Baby!

I recently joined some parenting blogging groups on Facebook and I have been learning a lot about blogging as I want to make this site as good as possible. The main thing I have been learning is that it’s important to be personal and open so that