BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

One of the most popular and best rated strollers around is the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller. Favored for its easy to use, compact and light-weight frame, this durable product is a favorite of active families for the comfort and convenience it provides both for parents and the little one.

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller


• Dimensions: 51.6 x 25.4 x 40 inches
• Product Weight: 25 pounds
• Maximum Weight Capacity: 70 pounds
• Fully rotating front wheels for superior maneuverability
• Two-position shock absorber suspension system
• Two-step folding system
• Seventy degree reclining seat
• Five-point safety harness


The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller features fully-rotating front wheels that allow easier maneuverability and control in even the most difficult turning situations. It has wide rear wheels that provide stability coupled with a unique shock absorber suspension system for a more comfortable ride in even the most rugged terrain. Designed to support active lifestyles, this stroller can go from the jogging and hiking trail to malls and busy streets.

An accessory adapter (sold separately) allows parents to use the stroller with the BOB infant car seat making it a good choice for active parents who want a stroller to adapt to their growing child’s needs. The adjustable padded reclining seat with five-point harness strap keeps your baby comfortable and secure.

A multiple setting canopy allows you to adjust the level of shade and protection for baby depending on weather conditions. Its cargo basket and seat pocket has plenty of room for carrying baby essentials. Made from high strength aluminum alloy, the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller is built for durability to endure even the most rugged use.


The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller comes out as one of the priciest jogging strollers on the market since its accessories are sold separately. The wrist strap which is supposed to be an added safety feature can be a safety hazard when used while jogging or hiking, if the parent trips or falls while the wrist strap is on, the stroller can potentially topple over with him. This stroller is also not as lightweight as other competitors making it a bit inconvenient if you would need to carry it around a lot.

Our Recommendations

Evaluate your family’s lifestyle, if you are the type who would be walking around a lot, this stroller would be a good choice for you. The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller works best for active, on-the-go families. It is specially designed to handle well on rugged terrain making it a good choice for parents who love to go jogging or hiking with their little one.

Despite its pricier cost, its durability and purposeful design makes it a good investment for the active outdoors family. For families who do not really jog, or walk or hike a lot and would only need a stroller for the occasional short trip to the mall or the doctors, then we suggest getting a stroller more suitable for your situation and with a lower price tag.

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