Buying a Double Stroller

A stroller can become every parent’s best friend. For those who have twins or are expecting a second child, or already have two children close in age, a double stroller can be a God-send, allowing you to move and handle both kids at the same time with a single contraption. Here are a few things to consider when buying a double stroller:

Side-by-side or tandem?

First, decide what would work best for your family, a side-by-side or tandem stroller. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and weighing your options most often boils down to how your family would be using your double stroller.

A side-by-side stroller has the seats beside each other, allowing both kids the same view and allows fully reclining seats for naps. It is wider than a tandem stroller but allows both children (especially if they are the same age, like twins) easier access to their seats.

A tandem stroller has a seat in front of the other making it only as wide as a single stroller. Its narrow frame makes it easier to maneuver and navigate. Many tandem strollers also have customizable features that accommodate baby carriers, making them a popular choice for families with a toddler and an infant. An example is the Baby Jogger City Select.

Your children’s size and age

When choosing a double stroller, make sure it will be able to carry both your children in comfort and safety. A double stroller’s maximum weight capacity should be a primary consideration in the decision making process as it determines how much and how long you get to use your stroller. Go for brands with higher weight ratings to get the most use of your stroller as your children grow.

Consider stroller dimensions

For any baby accessory, strollers most especially, size and weight matters. What’s the point of having a stroller you won’t use because it’s too heavy or too inconvenient to move around? Double strollers are generally bigger and heavier than single strollers for obvious reasons, but it doesn’t mean they should be cumbersome. Choose a double stroller that is lightweight and compact. Many double strollers nowadays are ergonomically designed to be as light and narrow as possible without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Function and durability

Find a double stroller that best suits your family’s unique needs and conditions. Check each feature and assess whether it is something that you need or not. Look for double strollers that allow you to customize and personalize with add-on accessories to truly allow you to maximize its use according to your family’s unique specifications.


Perhaps the most important consideration in buying a double stroller is its cost. Choose a double stroller that gives you the best value for your money. Many higher priced strollers do not live up to quality expectations given their cost. And many affordable double strollers offer a lot more value than their expensive counterparts.

Also ensure that any stroller you choose meets the minimum safety requirements.

At the end of the day, choose a double stroller that would work for you and your family. Not all families are the same, with different needs and preferences. A double stroller that works for one family may not necessarily work for you. So know your needs and how you plan to use your stroller. After all, it could be one of the best parenting investments you ever make.

If you want to read more, check out this great guide to choosing a double stroller.

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