Buying the Best Stroller for you

There are so many options when it comes to buying a stroller – all the choices can be overwhelming!  What can you do to make a choice?  Well other than read this site, I thought you might like some other ideas…

Check out stroller buying guides online

There are some great sites online to help you choose a stroller. I recently came across The Stroller Site which has some very helpful reviews, comparison charts and buying guides.

It breaks up the strollers into categories, such as umbrella strollers, double strollers and jogging strollers, explains each category and gives some suggestions as to what you should consider when buying a stroller. It also has stroller reviews, but I think you should keep reading those here instead 🙂 I especially found the category on the best double jogging stroller to be helpful, as I was trying to work out the differences between two different strollers that I hope to review on here soon.

There are also some great helpful videos on some of the big parenting sites, such as or check out the great video in our sidebar.

Go to a baby shop and play with some strollers

Looking at videos and buying guides online is a great starting point, but nothing beats actually touching and pushing around the strollers you are considering. There are many baby shops around with huge stroller selections and it is definitely worth having a look in one, even if you end up buying online (which is often cheaper).

While you are looking at them, ensure you put some actual weight in the stroller. Pushing around an empty stroller is not the same experience as pushing around one with a screaming toddler. It may be hard to replicate the screaming part, but it is easy enough to add some weight.

Talk to other moms

Other moms are a great resource when it comes to picking a stroller. Chat to ones that you know or other moms at work and playgroup. It can also be beneficial to chat to other moms online, especially if you don’t come into contact with many moms in day to day life. Check to see exactly why they like their stroller and how they use it. Also remember that everyone’s needs are different, so just because a stroller is perfect for your best friend, it doesn’t mean it will be for you. It is a good starting point though.


Hopefully these tips will get you started on the path to finding your perfect stroller. You can also check out our advice for buying a double stroller or why we like Maclaren strollers.

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