Choosing an Umbrella Stroller that is Best for your Lifestyle

A new parent’s foray into must-have children equipment is at once intimidating and overwhelming. There’re a lot of options, a lot of features, and really a lot of different price tags.

Dollar figures range from $25 for a cheap umbrella stroller to upward of $800 for stylish high-end models. The real question is: “What really makes up that huge price difference?”

Umbrella Strollers

Baby Gizmo, which thoroughly tests and inspects baby strollers gives a breakdown. We found top-priced ones were generally manufactured using aeronautical-grade, lightweight aluminum, making them very sturdy, durable and much easier to lift out and in of vehicle trunks. Read more information on stroller safety by visiting

The seats featured much thicker, better-made cushioning (or comprised of higher quality materials), with better back support for the child and top-notch fabric. Furthermore, the ride was smoother. Designer strollers usually had oversized, swivel front wheels with shock absorbers. Swivel wheels made them easier to push as well.

High-end strollers can have any number of bells and whistles. For example, height-adjustable handlebars and an option to position baby facing back or forward, facing mom or whoever is pushing. Read more about pros and cons of a full featured stroller.

The site sets the benchmark at about $300 for a good quality standard model, however warns that the choice should not hang on price tag alone. An umbrella stroller is something parents will depend on for many things in many different situations. Parents will use it for quite a long time and use it frequently. Those are reasons enough to splurge for a model with best price/quality ratio.

On the other hand, higher price does not assure best quality. We found that even the high priced ones were subject to weakness, flawed design as well as breakage.

Always bear in mind that you will possibly need different types of strollers for different daily activities. There are three-wheel jogging umbrella strollers for much better maneuvering over uneven as well as grass pavements; all-terrain models for hiking; ultra-lightweight models for short trips with older kids; double models made for two (tandem or side by side) and travel systems which come with a snap-in stay-in vehicle base and seat.

Perhaps the smartest course of action is to talk to other more experienced moms and dads, read some consumer reviews and most importantly – test drive a couple of models.

Finally, put the word out that you’re looking. A lot of moms and dads would rather sell or hand-off a decent-quality umbrella stroller than have to store the big thing when the little one has long outgrown it.

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