A Lightweight or a Full Featured Stroller?

One of the biggest decisions to make when buying a stroller is whether it is more important to you to have a lightweight or a full featured stroller. Unfortunately, it is difficult to have both although there are a few options that fall somewhere in between. The problem is that features take up space and weight and mean that you end up with a much heavier stroller.

Advantages of a lightweight stroller

If you are someone who is out and about a lot then a lightweight stroller can be invaluable. They are so much easier to get in and out of car trunks, navigate around small spaces, such as shops and cafes and are generally easier to set up and fold back up again. Many have a one hand fold that you can do while holding baby along with a carry strap so you can easily lift it back into the trunk of the car as well.

If you plan on traveling with your stroller then a lightweight one is essential. They are far easier to transport on planes and in cars or public transportation. Lightweight strollers can usually be wheeled all the way to the plane so don’t need to be checked in at the usual spot.

Advantages of a full featured stroller

Full featured strollers have lots of extras that can make life easier. This can include lots of storage room for transporting all the accessories that babies need as well as making shopping easier. Cup holders for both parent and baby are a popular accessory as is a snack tray. Other features include recline for baby to sleep, good sun canopies, all terrain tires, ability to jog or add a second seat to the stroller.

Of course, not all strollers have all of these features and some lightweight strollers also feature some of these items.

Which should you chose?

This is, of course, a personal decision. You need to weight up how often you might use the extra features versus how important a lightweight option is for your situation. If you want it all, you could look into lightweight options that also have many features, such as a Maclaren stroller. You will usually add more weight for one of these options, but they are still relatively lightweight.



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