Who are Phil & Teds?

Although you may not have heard of Phil & Ted until you start stroller shopping, Phil & Ted are a big company that have been around for over 18 years. They are experts at design and innovation when it comes to baby strollers. They sell their products in over 50 countries and 2000 stores, particularly in Canada, the US and Australia. They are also known for being a family friendly workplace.

What do Phil & Ted Manufacture?

Phil & Ted are perhaps best known for their strollers. However, they also make many other baby products including travel cribs, baby carriers, high chairs and travel systems. Across all their products, they try to make them relatively compact and lightweight.

Phil & Ted also own Mountain Buggy and Mokopuna. Mountain Buggy specializes in all terrain strollers, and Mokopuna is a clothing range which specializes in 100% merino wool clothing for babies.

What Kind of Strollers Do They Sell?

Phil & Ted sell many types of strollers but their specialty is tandem double strollers that are relatively lightweight. They are the perfect strollers for parents who currently have one baby, but want a stroller that can also adapt to two.

They call their strollers “inline” strollers. They are technically tandem strollers but, unlike many others, one of the seats sit below the other, meaning that the stroller takes up far less room than in traditional tandem strollers.

The Phil & Ted strollers all have a similar design to the photo above. The underneath, second seat can be added once you want to be able to carry around a second child. This second seat can also be added to the front of the stroller when you have a newborn. In this manner, the main seat can lie back flat giving your newborn a suitable space.

Double strollers do not come more compact than this so that is their big selling point. They make it easy to still navigate tight spaces with two children and the strollers are also relatively lightweight meaning they can easily be lifted in and out of the trunk of your car.

What do Moms say about Phil & Ted?

Phil & Ted products generally get great reviews. Phil & Ted strollers suit parents who are happy to sacrifice all the features for something that is compact and practical. They are especially a good buy for parents who want a stroller that easily converts between one and two children.


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