Review: Jane Nanuq – Umbrella Stroller With Impressive Features

Jane is a company based in Spain that was founded in 1932 by a dad who wanted to make sure his son was safe and comfortable in his stroller. Over the years this company has become one of the top of the line manufacturer of Strollers and car seats. Jane’s aim is to make sure all of its products are designed for babies’ safety and health using technological innovations.

The Jane Nanuq Umbrella Stroller is as unique as they come.

• The Nanuq stroller can be used for everyday purposes like going shopping or going for a walk but one of the best features is its 6.5 inch double wheels that allow the stroller to go over any type of terrain easily. The front wheels are swivel and it has rear wheel suspension. Most umbrella strollers have much smaller wheels, so with the larger wheels not only is it easier for Mom and Dad to push but it makes for a comfy ride for baby.

• Another fantastic feature of the Nanuq is that it has adjustable handle bars. Very few umbrella strollers have this feature. This makes it better for whoever is pushing the stroller as it adjusts to different heights making it easier to push and more comfortable for parents and grandparents alike.

• The seat on this Jane stroller is extra wide for plenty of room for baby it is 12 inches wide and 22 inches long. That is just the seat part the back rest part is 27 inches high, one of the tallest seats made for umbrella strollers. This means that the Nanuq stroller can hold a baby from birth to 40 pounds with plenty of room to make this an extra cozy ride for baby.

• The seat is made of a polyester/nylon fabric that is not only removable it is also breathable and hand washable. It has a 5-position reclining seat with a lever that can be operated with one hand, a terrific feature for parents and a lot easier than the strap type of recliner. It also has an adjustable leg rest so that when baby grows into a toddler it is perfect for when little ones need to take a nap, and when your toddler needs to stretch those legs there is also an additional foot rest that is part of the frame.

• For safety the Nanuq comes with the 5 point harness to keep your little one snug as a bug in a rug, keeping baby safe and comfortable. Easy for parents to adjust, but hard for your little one to try and unlock. It also comes with a cushioned guard that attaches to the front for baby to hold on to but also to protect them from leaning forward or falling out of the stroller.

• This umbrella stroller is all about comfort and convenience for both you and baby. The parking brake is one of the unique features on this stroller. It is a hand brake located on the side of the stroller, you just push it down and the stroller is locked. No more trying to lock the brakes with your feet, or bending over to adjust the brakes, it can all be done with one hand while standing.

• The frame of the Nanuq umbrella stroller is so shiny and bold, it is made out of anodized aluminum; this makes it lightweight but extremely strong and durable. It is also corrosion resistant which is awesome because this means this stroller will last through multiple children. Not only that but the design of this stroller is so sleek and sporty looking that it stands out as far as umbrella strollers go.

• The canopy is water-resistant, extremely durable and has SPF-50 properties. It has an adjustable panel with a sun visor and a cute peekaboo window on the back. The Nanqu also comes with a storage basket underneath that has plenty of room for all the extra’s you need. It also comes with a convenient cup holder and rain cover both necessities when taking baby out and about.

• This umbrella stroller comes with a patented folding feature that has ball joints and compresses down to 3 inches smaller than any other stroller in its class and is really something special. It also has a stand feature that you can use to sit the stroller straight up when folded for easier storage.

umbrella stroller

The Nanqu has a convenient carrying handle when it is folded up, and weighing in at just 13.9 pounds makes it extremely lightweight and easy to carry, even for grandma and grandpa.

With all these great features you can see why the Jane Nanqu umbrella stroller is one of the best on the market today. Not only is it stylish with its unique design and cute pattern and colors it is also sturdy, reliable and will last you from child to child not matter how many you have. Everybody will love taking baby for a walk or a stroll with this impressive umbrella stroller.

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