Should you Buy a Triple Stroller?

So you are going to have three young kids (or triplets!) and are wondering how you are going to get around. Should you buy a triple stroller? Do they even exist?

Triple Strollers

As scary as it might sound, there is such a thing as a triple stroller. In fact, you can even get a 6 seat stroller!  Unfortunately, the bigger the stroller gets, the more cumbersome they are. In fact, no triple stroller gets great reviews. They are going to be big and hard to push and it’s impossible to avoid that.

On the upside, however, if you do need a triple stroller, you do have some choices. You can even get a triple jogging stroller which is a side by side option. Generally, you are going to be looking at buying a tandem triple stroller with all the seats one behind each other like in the child craft sport stroller pictured below.

child craft

If one of your children is old enough to stand, you may want to consider the Joovy Big Caboose stand on triple stroller. This stroller has two seats with a board at the back for the third child. This ensures this stroller is a more compact triple option and works well if it suits your kids’ ages. It also takes two capsules so this is a good choice if you are having twins and already have an older toddler or preschooler.

Other options

If one of your children is an older toddler or preschooler, then you could consider a double stroller with a skateboard option. This is where you buy an attachment for the back of the stroller where the older child can stand or sit. It can work very well and saves a bulky (and expensive) triple option.

The downside is that this can make it more difficult to push and the child might be in your feet space.

Another option is to use a baby carrier and carry your youngest child. This has the downside that they are on you are all times, but it does mean you can get by with a double stroller.

I’d love to hear any other alternatives that you have come across…

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