Top 7 Double Jogging Stroller Safety Tips

Baby is born and doing great and you are ready to get back into shape! Only how do you jog or go on your daily run with a baby and toddler around. Or maybe you had twins and how do you run with both babies. Well of course your answer is the Double Jogging Stroller. They come in all shapes and sizes and are nothing like your regular umbrella strollers. Of course as a good parent your first thought is safety for the babies and then safety for you.

Here are some safety tips for you to keep in mind when looking into a double jogging stroller.

1. Make sure any stroller you purchase has the seal of approval from the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufactures Association) This way you can ensure that the double jogging stroller you choose has been tested and is safe for your babies and you. Check out the Product Recall finder to make sure the stroller has not been recalled for any reason. In fact any product you purchase for you babies should have the JPMA seal of approval on it. Once you have checked this out you are ready to check out the next safety tip.

2. The next thing on your list is to make sure you babies are old enough to go for a run with you. I know you want to get out there and get your body back into shape but it is important to make sure you babies are safe. Most companies suggest the babies should be at least 6 months old; though some companies will tell you it is safe to have a stroller that can sit a car seat. Most runners do not even like that option they prefer to wait until baby has some stability to its little neck and head.

3. The third thing on our list is the actually build of the double jogging stroller. Is it made of steel or an alloy like aluminum? Steel is heavier and has a tendency to rust, but it is cheaper and if well cared for will last. Aluminum is best as it does not rust and is lightweight but can be more expensive. Just like your car a stroller needs maintenance too keep it running smoothly and safely, so if you do buy the cheaper steel make sure you clean your stroller after ever run.

4. Wheels, this is extremely important, not only for you and your safety running but also for your children. If they are comfortable and safe then this makes the jogging much easier for you. Jogging strollers come with larger wheels usually 12 to 16 inch wheels. Some swivel, some are stationary and others can do both and have a lock to keep the wheel stationary while jogging. Must runners will tell you that the stationary wheel is best for jogging, but if you are going to use the stroller for other things then the stroller that has both options are the best and safest.

5. The seat belt for your babies is very important as it keeps them safe and secure while you are running. The 5-point harness is the best option; even umbrella strollers have these types of seatbelts in them. Also make sure the double jogging stroller has deep seats in them, smaller seats not only are uncomfortable for toddlers but are not near as safe as the deep seated strollers. You want to keep your babies as save as possible while you are jogging. Adjustable seats are your best option. Make sure you have different reclining positions so babies and toddlers alike are more comfortable. A happy baby makes for a much better jog then a cranky uncomfortable baby.

6. What’s next on the safety list, adjustable handle bars and brakes. Finally someone came up with putting hand brakes on the top of the stroller to make it easier to brake and park the strollers. You can find this feature on both the double jogging stroller and the umbrella strollers. This is especially a great option for the double jogging strollers, because if something should happen you can easily stop the stroller from rolling away.

Another great safety feature is the wrist band connected to the stroller. This is for jogging strollers and you attach it to your wrist while you are running. This way if you should fall or stumble the stroller cannot get away from you. One other thing that needs mentioned is the handle bars on the jogging strollers. Make sure they are adjustable. This makes it easier and safer for you to control, and if using the stroller for other reasons besides jogging then the handlebars can adjust to anyone heights.

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7. Last but not least on our list of safety tips is the canopy on the double jogging stroller. Some of you may think this is an odd safety issue, but it is not. So that you can jog more comfortably your babies need to be comfortable. Most joggers run in all types of weather so a large and good quality canopy is important. You do not want the children to get too hot or cold, you do not want them to get wet if it should rain, so the best type of canopy is one that covers and protects but also has a plastic window in the top or back where you can keep an eye on your little ones while jogging.

These are the top 7 safety tips for double jogging strollers. Of course the list could go on and on with other tips that may help, but the best tip is to use good common sense. As a parent you know how to keep your children safe and secure and protect them from the elements. These tips only add to what you already know and may help you in choosing the best double jogging stroller for you and your little ones.

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