Travel Systems vs Convertible Car Seats: Which one should you buy?

Baby strollers may be our calling here at Baby Stroller Reviews, but we know that there are more decisions for parents to make than just strollers. One of the big struggles parents have is choosing the right car seat for their child. Parents now demand more from car seat manufacturers than ever before. We do not just want an infant car seat, we want more. The two main types of car seats that parents love are travel systems and convertible car seats.

What makes these favorites among parents? What features do each of these have? Buying a car seat will require you to make the same considerations as when you are buying a stroller. Below we will discuss what makes each of these types of car seats great so that you can make an informed decision.

Travel Systems

When your baby is born there are a lot of things to purchase. Wouldn’t it be great if you could purchase these things altogether? Well, you can.

A travel system is one option for parents that combines a rear facing car seat, a stroller base and usually a bassinet. They can be used for as long as your child fits into them – and as children are now recommended to sit rear facing until they no longer fit, they are used for a while. However, once you child is old enough to require a forward facing car seat they are no longer useful. You can read more about the features of travel systems here.

The pros: Travel systems will save you from buying a bassinet, car seat and stroller separately by combing them all into the one system. They allow for an easy transition from the car to stroller and back. This is welcomed when you have a sleeping baby that you don’t want to disturb.

The cons: Travel systems can be very heavy! As all parents will know car seats are not the lightest thing in the world and the base also needs to be strong enough to hold it. The base can also be heavy. The good news is that there are lightweight travel systems available. Travel systems can also only be used whilst your child is still using a rear facing car seat.

Convertible Car Seats

Your baby can not be rear facing forever. Although this is the safest way to have your baby positioned, eventually they will outgrow this and will require a forward facing car seat. This means that you will need purchase a forward facing car seat in addition to the rear facing car seat. But what if a car seat could be used both forward and rear facing? It can!

A convertible car seat is one that can be used either forward or rear facing. It is easy to see why this is beneficial for parents. It can be used throughout the duration of your childs life and adapts to them as they grow. They can also be found with a booster seat making them a 3 in 1 system. To help you find the best convertible car seat, you can compare them here. One of our favorites is the Safety 1st Guide 65. It is strong, comfortable and affordable.

The pros: Convertible car seats grow with your baby. The moment they outgrow the rear facing position, the car seat can be turned around and used forward facing. This saves you from purchasing an additional car seat.

The cons: Convertible car sears can be on the higher end of your budget. They can also be very heavy.

Which one should I buy?

To answer this question you should consider a few things. Firstly, your budget.

Travel systems can be an expensive option, but if you would otherwise be purchasing a bassinet and stroller in addition to a rear facing car seat, then they can be a cost effective option. Regardless of this, you can find these things individually quite cheap and so travel systems remain costly.

Convertible car seats can vary greatly in their cost, although the cheaper they are the less features they have which may compromise safety. It is worth spending a bit more for the added safety features they include.

You also need to consider how long you plan to use the car seat. Is this an option for one child to follow him through the years? A convertible car seat may be your best option. Or, is this simply your first stroller for your first child? To save you the hassle of purchasing things individually, you may consider purchasing a travel system.

It is clear that both are great options for parents and it is definitely difficult to pick between them. There are too many variables to consider to give you a clear answer, so it is best to consider your own life style and requirements and go from there!

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