Why I love Baby Wearing

Although I am obviously a stroller girl at heart, my friend asked to share her thoughts on baby wearing…

My son has always been a screamer. The only way he would calm down was if I picked him up and rocked him and carried him around. Our first two weeks at home were a nightmare with neither of us getting ANY sleep or quiet time. This is how I discovered the wrap and fell in love with baby wearing. I started with a wrap and have since learned to add a ring sling, a pouch and an ergo to my baby-wearing repertoire. Learning to wear my baby literally saved my sanity, for this reason alone I would recommend it. I have since added to this reason though and would like to share some of them today…

Be hands-free

Baby wearing allows you to be hands free from baby, enabling you to do other necessary things like picking up after your husband’s mess, or doing the laundry, washing the dishes, etc. While it’s true that moms should get a time-off from household duties especially when just having a baby, the reality is that this rarely happens or lasts for long. Wearing a baby let’s you get on with everyday life without the strain on your arms and back from carrying the little one. Wearing a baby in a sling, wrap or pouch keeps him safe and snuggled on your bosoms. I found my baby slept very well when I was wearing him even while I did my routine cleaning. The rhythm of my movement was comforting for my colicky boy.

Be more in tune with baby

I found I became more aware of subtle changes in my baby’s breathing and burps and gurgling sound as I began to wear him often. I learned how certain movements or a sound he made meant a particular thing. As we grew into our baby wearing routine I realized I was more aware of his needs because of the constant proximity and the opportunity to always be within my sight. The bawling episodes slowly began to disappear as we got into a wearing rhythm.

Breastfeed on the go

It took me quite a while to figure it out and be able to do it with my wrap, sling and pouch, but with help from countless YouTube videos and a lot of practice, we finally got the hang of breastfeeding while baby wearing. And once I learned how to do it right, it felt as if it was the most natural thing to breastfeed even if we weren’t seated or in bed. I realized this must have been how our Neanderthal ancestors did it, breastfeeding while foraging or finding shelter. It made a lot of sense to me.

Baby wearing has not only made doing the daily chores of everyday parenting life easy, it has also helped a lot in making my baby feel more secure and confident, perhaps because he is always close to my heart, literally. It has made me a better parent in the way I am better able to understand and respond to his cues. If you haven’t tried baby wearing, it is something that I strongly recommend you learn and do.

Interested in getting a baby wrap? I like to buy mine here. I warn you though, once you start baby wearing, it is very addictive!

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