Why Maclaren Strollers are Popular

From celebrity moms to soccer moms, it would seem Maclaren Strollers have become synonymous with baby strollers. For many first time parents, choosing a stroller can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. A lot of things need to be considered when choosing the right stroller for your family’s needs: budget, durability, convenience, features etc. Often, a stroller is the single most thought about investment in every new parent’s must-have list. So, why all the fuss over Maclarens? Here’s why:

They’re lightweight and compact

Maclaren strollers are famed for being so lightweight they’re referred to as umbrella strollers. Designed by former British aeronautical engineer Owen Maclaren, these strollers are easy to carry without sacrificing comfort and safety. Despite being so light, Maclaren strollers are built for durability, taking the wear and tear expected of any good quality child accessory. Light weight strollers are popular for their convenience and their practicality, perhaps the most important consideration when investing in your baby’s first ride. The compact design of Maclaren strollers means not only easier transport but easier storage as well when they’re not in use.

They’re easy to use

The Maclaren’s trademark single-hand fold is also a big attraction for parents. It eliminates having to figure out how to fold or unfold your gadget, providing convenience and ease of use for on the go parents. Complicated twists and clicks and steps just to use, store or transport a stroller are a huge turn-off. After all, who has time to figure out how to get your stroller in the car when faced with screaming and grumpy kids.

They’re stylish

Maclaren strollers are so stylish they are a favorite of celebrity moms. Their trendy designs add a dash of sass and accent for the style conscious modern parent. A range of accessories can also be bought separately, allowing parents to customize and even personalize their strollers to their needs. A few celebrity designers have already lent their name to a Maclaren stroller line, adding more style points to this already fashionable brand.

There’s one for every budget

Maclaren offers a range of stroller models to cover every need and every budget. From the simple basic umbrella models to twin strollers and buggies, prices vary from the reasonably priced editions to the pricier designer models preferred by celebrities. While even the most affordable Maclaren can still be pricier than other competitors, they more than make up for it in terms of product quality and durability.

They’re covered by a warranty

Unlike other stroller brands with very limited warranty, all Maclaren strollers are covered with a basic warranty that covers manufacturing and material defects, extending up to 1 year for some of its models. Parents also have the option of registering their Maclaren with the company to automatically avail of the Sovereign Lifetime Warranty. For as long as you use your stroller according to its specified purpose and within the parameters of normal use, a warranty has you covered.

Maclaren has earned a reputation for top quality strollers designed to keep up with the growing and changing needs of the modern family. Their commitment to product excellence has rightfully earned them the approval of many satisfied users, making them one of the most popular and well-loved stroller brands in the world to date.

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