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Do you like to run? Or would you like to shed some baby kilos? Then a jogging stroller is a great choice for you!

Designed for active families, jogging strollers are manufactured as a safe option to run or job with your child or baby. With one of these strollers, your baby has a smooth ride and you have the easiest run possible.

As with choosing any stroller, finding the best top rated jogging strollers that best suit your needs and wants can be stressful. This guide is here to help! Below, you will find our jogging stroller comparison chart, a buying guide for choosing a top jogging stroller and reviews of the best jogging strollers.

Have more than one young kid or having twins? Check out our guide to buying a double jogging stroller. Below you will only find the best single jogging stroller.

See the top rated jogging stroller here.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Jogging Stroller for 2018

Best Jogging Strollers 2018 Comparison Chart

This comparison chart details the best rated jogging strollers as well as the most important aspects of each one, such as price and weight. Later in this guide, you will find baby jogging stroller reviews of four of the top options.

How to Choose a Jogging Stroller for your Family

Once you have decided that your family needs a jogging stroller (if you are unsure, check out our home page to help you decide), here are two questions to help you find the best one to buy.

  1. Do you want to use the stroller for tasks other than jogging?
  2. What ages do you want to use your jogging stroller for?

1. Do you want to use the stroller for tasks other than jogging?

This is an important consideration as some jogging strollers, such as the BOB Ironman Single Stroller are only appropriate for jogging (but very good for jogging), whereas others such as the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller, are also suitable for short walks or walking around the mall.

Serious runners may consider purchasing two separate strollers – one for running and one for everyday use. This will allow you to have the best of both worlds, with the option to purchase the best jogging stroller for runners and perhaps an umbrella stroller for other tasks. More than just running, some jogging strollers such as the Allen Sports Premier Jogger can be used as bike trailers which may be of interest to bike riding parents.

best jogging stroller

2. What ages do you want to use your jogging stroller for?

Although some of the jogging strollers listed here are suitable from birth, they should not be used for jogging with your baby until they are at least 6 months of age and have reached certain infant development milestones.

It is worth considering how old your children might be when you wish to stop running with them and work out what weight capacity your stroller needs to be based on that. Although a weight capacity of 50 pounds may be fine for a regular stroller and last your child until they no longer need a stroller, you may wish to jog with your children when they are older than this, such as 5 or 6. If you think this is a possibility, it is worth buying a stroller with a higher weight capacity, such as the Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller which can hold up to 75 pounds. This should easily suit your child through most of elementary school.

7 Top Rated Jogging Stroller Reviews

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

BOB Revolution SE Stroller
What is the best jogging stroller? With amazing reviews from parents everywhere, it is hard to go wrong with this stroller. We use it regularly and love it.

The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller features excellent maneuverability on all terrains and is a pleasure to push. It is versatile and great for jogging while still being suitable to use at the shopping mall. The front wheel can lock when jogging. There is lots of storage and it is easy to fold up and down. The seat is padded for comfort and the recline is fully adjustable. Infant car seats can be attached to this stroller making this one of the best baby jogging stroller options. The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller also features a state of the art suspension system.

You can also purchase the BOB Stroller Strides Single Fitness Stroller which is the same stroller but comes with a special fitness pack.

This stroller is perfect for families that want both a jogging and an around town stroller which fully reclines and is highly manoeuvrable.

You can read the full review here or check out the latest price

If you are considering the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, then you should also consider the BOB Revolution Flex Stroller. This is the latest version of this stroller and has all the great features of the SE as well as adjustable handlebars, a one handed lever recline with the option of sitting fully upright and a larger storage basket.

You can read the full review of the BOB Revolution Flex here or see the latest prices here.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Review

You can choose between five bright and colorful shades for this particular jogging stroller, all of which look fantastic, and pair well with the solid appearance of the stroller too.

There are two large tires on the front which swivel and roll easily no matter what terrain you are traveling over, as well as a front swivel wheel which can also be locked or unlocked, depending on whether you are jogging or not, with a lockable low speed function. The front reflectors are also great for added safety and visibility in lower light conditions.

The stroller may be hard-wearing, with its steel frame, but it is still very lightweight and easy to push, as well as coming with several other added extras – child tray and cup holder is included, and you can add a car seat to create a travel system too. The handle is extra wide and ergonomically shaped for comfort whilst jogging or simple pushing.

You can read more reviews and see the latest prices here.

Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger Review

The Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger is another top rated jogging stroller.

This stroller has a premium suspension system for a smooth ride on any terrain. It features pneumatic tires and a front locking swivel wheel. It is constructed with breathable fabric that is reflective in low light.

The seats are padded and there is a multi position recline as well as a convertible 3 and 5 point harness. The stroller also comes standard with a deluxe parent console complete with cup holder, zippered storage and phone holder.

For your child, there is an armrest bar complete with cup holder which is removable so you can easily get them in or out. There is also a large storage basket underneath. In addition to the 50 pounds that this stroller can handle for your child, you can also safely stow away up to another 20 pounds.

The Graco Relay has a one second, one hand fold. Any of the Graco Click Connect infant car seats can attach to this stroller to create a travel system.

Click here to see the latest price.

BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller Review

This BOB jogging stroller is fantastic value for money, and one which will certainly hold up to any jogging or off-road expedition you put it through. Available in black, blue, green, and orange, all attractive options, there is a swivel front wheel which is lockable and allows the stroller to make tight corners, and holds steady when jogging.

The padded bar is adjustable to nine different positions, to offer comfort no matter what your height, and the suspension system ensures a smooth ride for your child, no matter what type of terrain you are traveling over, minimizing bumps and higher speed travel. On top of this, you can easily collapse the stroller down, thanks to a two step process, which can be done with one hand for ease.

We know that BOB is a big name brand in the stroller world and this gives extra peace of mind that you are dealing with a high quality product.

You can read more reviews and see the latest prices here.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller Review

We rate the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller at an amazing 4.9/5. It is a great choice.

This Stroller features excellent maneuverability on any terrain as well as versatility. This stroller is good for both jogging and day to day activities. One of the best features of this stroller is that you can flip a switch on the handlebar of the stroller to lock the front wheel when jogging, and flip it again when you want to go back to ordinary activities.

It is great for older kids with a weight capacity of 75 pounds and plenty of room. It also has a near-flat recline, so you could use it for a small baby when going to the mall. It has a fabulous sun canopy and good storage. There is natural and all wheel suspension.

This stroller is a great choice for families who want to be able to go jogging but still have a full featured stroller that is suitable for walking around the shops. It may be the best jogging stroller for the city.

Read the full review and check out the latest price.

BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller Review

Another BOB product in a big range, this particular single stroller is very lightweight and can be used to work well with tight turns and higher speeds with ease, despite its appearance! The rear deceleration brake is hand activated, which gives you much more control over your journey, and allows for a safer ride for your child. When travelling up and down hills, this is a major bonus.

The padded handlebar is also adjustable to nine different heights and this means that however tall you are, you won’t be uncomfortable on your journey. The front swivel wheel is also lockable, so when jogging or going at a slower speed you have higher control levels again.

The suspension system is adjustable, which again, is better news for your child in terms of bumps. On top of this, you can easily collapse the stroller down with a two step process, which allows ease of travel and storage.

You can read more reviews and see the latest prices here.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller Review

The Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller is a versatile jogging stroller.

It is not just one of the best rated jogging strollers, but it is also great for both jogging and going to the shopping mall. It features a full recline, so it is suitable for newborns. It is also suitable for children up to 77 pounds. It has air filled tires and great suspension making for a smooth ride for your child while you are jogging. The seats are well padded and spacious. There is an adjustable handlebar and adjustable safety harness. There is storage for both you and your child. There is also an adjustable sun canopy. This stroller is easy to fold and unfold and also features a standing fold. It can also work with infant baby seats and a bassinet (purchase separately) making it one of the best jogging strollers with car seat.

The Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller is perfect for families who want an all purpose stroller that can be used from birth for both jogging and around town.

Read the full review or check out the latest price.

If you are looking for the best running strollers, look at the BOB Ironman Single Stroller.


If you want a double jogging pram, check out our guide to finding the best one. Unsure if a jogging stroller is right for you? Check out our home page to decide what type of stroller is best for your family.

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