Best Lightweight Strollers for travel in 2019

With more and more complex strollers on the market, lightweight strollers remain appealing to many parents as they can make life so much simpler. Finding the best lightweight stroller for travel can mean quicker strips, easier storage and less strain on your body.

So what is a lightweight stroller? Generally, the best lightweight stroller is one that weighs less than 20 pounds. They are usually the most portable and easy to use strollers and fold up smaller than the typical stroller. This makes them great for use in smaller cars and for traveling families.

Lightweight strollers are also great for short walks or use in shopping malls, although they are less suitable for shopping as they generally cannot carry as much.

Below you will find our guide to buying the best one as well as the best lightweight stroller reviews.

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Lightweight Stroller in 2019

Comparison Chart

Below is a comparison chart of the top lightweight strollers on the market. Check out a comparison of whichever criteria is the most important factors for you, such as price, weight, etc.

* – The stroller can be used from birth if you connect your infant car seat.

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How to Choose the best Lightweight Stroller for your Family

There are three questions you should ask yourself to help you in your choice of the best lightweight strollers for 2019:

  1. What age is your child? How long do you want to use this stroller for?
  2. Do you want to use this stroller from birth?
  3. Are you planning to travel with your stroller?

1. What age is your child? How long do you want to use this stroller for?

It is important to keep the age of your child in mind when selecting a lightweight stroller and how long you want to be able to use it for. If your child is older than six months, with good neck control then most of the strollers in the table above will be fine. However, for older or bigger children then you’ll need to consider the maximum weight a stroller can hold safely (the recommended weight limit).

This also applies if you are considering buying a stroller for use far into the future. Some larger two-year-olds can weight over 40 pounds and if you need a stroller to last until your child is happy walking then it can be a good idea to buy one with a high weight limit, such as the Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller.

2. Do you want to use this stroller from birth?

Unfortunately, most lightweight strollers are not suitable from birth. This is due to the fact that they often do not fully recline and have less padding and safety features than other strollers. That being said, finding a lightweight stroller suitable from birth is possible, with one option being the Britax B-Agile Stroller.

Usually, the more features a lightweight stroller has, the less ‘lightweight’ it is considered. Purchasing a lightweight stroller with added features suitable from birth can also give you flexibility if you decide to have a second child as you save yourself the hassle of purchasing a second stroller.

3. Are you planning to travel with your lightweight baby stroller?

If you intend to do a lot of traveling with your stroller then you want one that weighs as little as possible. After all, you may have to carry it a lot! So try and buy the lightest stroller that meets your needs, for example the very light UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller.

When traveling, you will need to carry your stroller often and also fit it into small spaces, so a stroller like the UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller is a good choice and one of the best lightweight strollers for travel.

It is important that your stroller meets all safety standards.

Top 8 Lightweight Strollers Reviews

Baby Jogger City Mini 3W Single Review

The Baby Jogger City Mini 3W Single is a popular and quality choice.

This stroller has a padded seat that reclines to a near-flat position. It has a fantastic, multi-position sun canopy, and folds easily with one hand. Unlike many other lightweight strollers, it is also a large basket underneath for storage. It also has a vented seat top, padded seats with a 5-point harness and shoulder pads.

This stroller is a great choice for people who want the portability of a lightweight stroller but want all the features of a bigger stroller, as well as one that can be used from birth. Check it out in action!

You can also read the full review or check out the latest price.

GB Pockit Stroller Review

The word ‘pockit’ in the name should give you some idea about the compact and lightweight nature of this particular stroller, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! Available in a classic black shade, there is a two-stage folding mechanism which flicks the stroller down very quickly and easily and can be done with one hand.

When it is in the folded position it stands up easily on its own, so no problems with having to find somewhere to prop it up! The stroller also folds down into a small square shape, which is very lightweight, and can, therefore, be used for travel adventures on the go, when you need to save space, and perhaps store the stroller in an overhead locker, for example.

This is a small stroller but extremely strong and durable, and it is made to last. For that reason it is great value for money, and ideal for short journeys and travel.

Click here to see the latest prices for the GB Pockit Stroller.

Maclaren Triumph Stroller Review

The Maclaren Triumph Stroller is a great choice for people looking for a lightweight stroller.

This stroller has multiple position recline and padded seats. It also features one hand fold up and is appropriate from 6 months old to 55 pounds. It is durable and compact and easy to steer. The sturdiness and flexibility make this our top choice for the best lightweight stroller for toddlers.

The Maclaren Triumph Stroller comes complete with rain cover and 5-point harness.  This stroller is best for families who want a stroller that will last until their children no longer need a stroller, and the quality means it will last through multiple children.

Read our full review of the Maclaren Triumph Stroller or check out the latest price.

ZOE XL1 Best Xtra Lightweight Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller System Review

This particular lightweight stroller comes with a whole host of added extras and is also very attractive in appearance too – choose from pink, blue or yellow. There is a lifetime guarantee on the wheels of this stroller, which is certainly a great added bonus, as you have peace of mind that the wheels will be fixed or replaced should you come up against a problem during its lifespan.

This stroller is ideal for travel, because it folds down very easily and quickly with one hand, and fits into most airline overhead bins, so no worries on that score. You will find a very large storage basket underneath the stroller, ideal for shopping, and a large sunshade too.

The harness is 5 point for extra peace of mind, and there is a magnetic canopy window in the top for you to peek on your child and see what they are up to!

You can read more information and see the latest prices here.

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller Review

This is one of the lightest strollers available and a great choice for traveling. The Chicco Capri Lightweight folds up very small into the included carry bag with a strap which makes it great for carrying when not in use or checking in at airports.

There are two reclining positions, as well as the upright position. This allows your child to lie back or recline almost completely and go to sleep.

The front wheels also have suspension, an impressive feature on such a light stroller. This helps make the ride more comfortable for your child. The five point safety harness means that it’ll be a safe ride as well.

The position of the basket is quite high in the frame compared to other lightweight strollers. While this makes it easy to reach into the basket the downside is that it cannot hold much. The size of the stroller also means that the handles are quite low compared to other strollers. If you are tall you may have to hunch a little to push.

The other downside is that it only supports children up to 37 pounds. This means this stroller might not take you all the way from six months through to walking as other strollers might.

Despite these drawbacks the Chicco Capri Lightweight is an excellent choice for a lightweight stroller, particularly for travel.

Click here to see the latest prices.

UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller Review

The UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller is a great quality stroller.

This stroller has a quick and easy fold and is extremely lightweight at only 10 pounds. It features removal seat pad and a SPF50+ sun shade. It has a decent size storage area underneath. However, this model does not recline.

We rate this the best lightweight umbrella stroller, as long as you are happy with a stroller that does not recline.

It steers well and can be picked up with one hand using a carry strap. This stroller is ideal for people on the move a lot, especially if you are planning to travel as it is very easy to transport with its carry strap.

Sound interesting? Read our full review or check out the latest price.

Maclaren Mark II Stroller Review

Maclaren is a big name and that brings peace of mind, which is certainly what you will get with this high quality stroller, extremely lightweight and durable. Choose between three classic colors, with standard silver, black, or navy blue on offer. The hexagonal design is what really makes this particular lightweight stroller stand out, because it is very strong and sturdy, which many others aren’t.

The stroller is also very easy to collapse down on the go, and the cable braking system is extremely effective. The mesh panel in the seat keeps your child comfortable, thanks to the breathable material, and the large cover is rain and wind resistant. You will also find 4 wheel suspension for any difficult terrain.

The storage compartment underneath the stroller is also large enough for most routine items you will need, as well as room for shopping.

You can see more reviews and the latest prices here.

Graco LiteRider Click Connect Stroller Review

There is a lot to like about the LiteRider Click Connect from Graco. This stroller is designed for incredible portability and use on the go under all sorts of conditions. The LiteRider features one-handed set up and fold, a lockable front wheel and rear wheel suspension. When folded up the dimensions of this stroller are quite small and when in use this stroller is not wide, making it a good choice for a lot of uses.

The quick, one handed, set up and fold down means this stroller is easy to use wherever needed. The lockable front wheel and suspension means that the LiteRider is adaptable to different terrain and conditions, from a bumpy train to a busy mall whilst keeping your child comfortable.

There are two adjustable seat positions, allowing for sitting up or a 30 degree recline to allow your child to get some sleep. Underneath the stroller is plenty of storage space for a stroller this size.

The stroller on its own does not support an infant. However, it is designed for use with the Graco infant car seat which can be attached easily and quickly. If you own a Graco infant seat then this stroller gives you a super-portable, lightweight, travel system.

The major drawback for the LiteRider is that it supports children up to only 40 pounds. This will be fine for the majority of kids but bigger kids may grow out of it when you’d still like to be using a stroller.

Click here to read more about the Graco LiteRider.

Best Selling Lightweight Strollers for travel on Amazon

No products found.

There’s also a review for the Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience Stroller, another great lightweight stroller.

There are also some more lightweight strollers featured in the umbrella stroller section. Unsure if a lightweight stroller is right for you? Check out our home page to decide what type of stroller is best for your family.

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