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I must admit that I have a bias when it comes to strollers and that bias is that I love umbrella strollers. That’s because the best umbrella stroller can make your life so much easier. I love how they are relatively lightweight, fold up compactly and fit into many places when I am out and about that bigger strollers do not. They are perfect for families on the go.

The best part is that picking an umbrella stroller does not necessarily mean missing out on features. Many come with a range of features and some are suitable from birth. In fact, there are so many umbrella stroller options in so many different price brackets that it can be stressful to find the best umbrella stroller for toddlers, babies and the rest of your family. Let us help!

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Umbrella Strollers in 2019

Comparison Chart

The following comparison chart lists all the best umbrella strollers with some of the most important aspects about them such as the weight capacity, whether they are suitable from birth and the price. You can click on the column heading to sort the table. Below, you will find the top umbrella stroller reviews for 2019.

* – The stroller can be used from birth if you connect your infant car seat.

How to Choose an Umbrella Stroller for your Family

Once you have decided that an umbrella stroller is exactly what you are after, you can answer the following questions to help you choose the right stroller:

  1. What age do you want the umbrella stroller to be suitable for?
  2. What weight limit do you need for your umbrella stroller?
  3. How portable do you need your umbrella stroller to be?
  4. How important are extra features to you?

1. What age do you want the umbrella stroller to be suitable for?

Umbrella strollers are generally suitable for children over the age of 6 months, but there are brands that are suitable from birth. For a stroller to use from birth, you need to consider things like seat reclining and padding such as the Maclaren Techno XT Stroller. If you want the stroller to last until the child no longer needs a stroller, then ensure it is big enough to hold an older child such as the UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller.

2. What weight limit do you need for your umbrella stroller?

If you are hoping your stroller will last until you no longer need a stroller any more, then it is important to pick one with a high weight limit. The higher the weight limit, the longer that your stroller will work safely for your child. Unless you have very small children, it is a good idea to pick a stroller with at least a 50 pounds weight limit.

3. How portable do you need your umbrella stroller to be?

Are you out and about a lot? Will you be getting your stroller in and out of the car or travelling with it? If this is the case, then the weight and size of the stroller can be important. All of these strollers are relatively lightweight, but there is a big difference between carrying around a 22 pound stroller and an 8 pound one.  If you want a stroller that is very portable, then consider the lightest umbrella stroller, the UPPAbaby 2013 G-Lite Stroller, or check out more strollers on the lightweight strollers page.

4. How important are extra features to you?

Is it important to you to have a good storage basket and somewhere to put your drink? Or that your stroller is reversible? If this is the case, then check out the more featured strollers such as the Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller or the Maclaren Techno XT Stroller.

As always, ensure any stroller you buy meets safety standards.

5. Jogger or umbrella?

This is a question that a lot of moms ask. They want a stroller that is lightweight and portable like an umbrella stroller but they want the added advantage of being able to jog with the stroller. Generally, umbrella strollers are not suitable for jogging, and whilst joggers can be lightweight and portable, they are not always suitable for everyday use. I think it is important to really consider your own lifestyle in answering this question. For me, umbrella strollers work best in my everyday life.

Best Umbrella Stroller for Tall Parents

During our reviews, we found the UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller to be the best stroller option for tall parents.

UPPABaby G-Luxe Stroller Review

This popular and quality stroller also has the most important feature for tall parents – the handle heights are 42 inches from the ground which is the best you can find.

In addition to the high handlebars, the UPPABaby G-Luxe is modern and stylish. It comes in a range of materials and the fabric is stain and water resistant. The seat pad is also removable to assist with cleaning. It is suitable from the time your baby is around 3 months until 55 pounds, so you should not ever need another stroller.

It is one of the lightest strollers available, coming in at 13 pounds, which also reclines. It has a one handed, 3 position recline and an adjustable foot rest. It is easy to fold and stands on its own. The UPPABaby G-luxe features 4-wheel shock absorbing suspension. This combined with its larger than usual wheels means that it works well on non-smooth surfaces. It is not as good as an all-terrain stroller but it does handle itself better than most umbrella strollers. You can see the stroller in the video below.

This stroller also features a storage basket and a large sun canopy and we also judged it to be one of the best strollers for NYC. It even has a cup holder.

Click here to see the latest prices.

Best umbrella stroller for travel

Umbrella strollers make the best strollers for travel as they are generally lightweight, easy to fold up and down and easy to transport. The last thing you want when traveling is a stroller that is heavy and not portable. We think the best umbrella stroller for travel is the UPPABaby G-Lite Stroller, primarily because it is just so light and portable.

UPPABaby G-Lite Stroller Review

Our UPPABaby G-Lite review revealed a stroller much like its sister, the G-luxe above. The primary difference between these two strollers is that the G-Lite does not recline and it is a lot lighter. It comes in at only 10 pounds and features a carry strap making this stroller very easy to carry one handed for when you need to go up and down stairs or board a bus while carrying both your baby and the stroller. It really could not be easier to do these things than with this stroller.

The UPPABaby G-Lite also features an extra pull-down sunshade extension, a removable cup holder and the same stain resistant seat fabric as its sister which is easy removable and washable. It also has solid wheels and shock absorbing suspension. It is free standing when it is folded making it super easy to store while traveling. This stroller is suitable from 6 months to 50 pounds and is the best lightweight travel stroller option by a long way.

It is the best umbrella stroller 2019 for travel. Read more and check out the latest price of the UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller.

Best Double Umbrella Stroller

Our pick for the best double umbrella stroller is the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller, and we are not the only ones to think so.

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Review

At less than $200 at the time of reviewing, this stroller is a bargain.

Our Chicco Echo Twin Stroller review found a quality, compact, great stroller option for parents who want a stroller to accommodate two but also want something relatively compact and lightweight. It is suitable from the time your children are 6 months old until 40 pounds. It has a compact fold and also features a carry handle. It does weigh in at 34 pounds, so there are more lightweight options, but we think all the extra features make this stroller worth the extra weight.

The seats are comfortably padded and come with 5- point safety harnesses. There is a storage basket under the seats. The Chicco Echo also has excellent maneuverability. The dual front wheels feature locking swivels and suspension. Each sun canopy can be adjusted individually. The sun canopies also have rear flaps that can be zipped off for protection against the elements.

This Chicco Twin Stroller also comes with a cup holder, fits through most doorways and works well for taller parents. It also folds up and down easily. It also is a good choice for twins once they are 6 months old.

Click here to see the latest prices or read more options in our guide to the best double umbrella strollers.

ZOE XL1 BEST Xtra Lightweight Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller System Review

If you’re looking for a lightweight and attractive stroller then this particular model should certainly be on your short-list. The stroller comes with a lifetime warranty and guarantee for the wheels, which means if you end up with a broken wheel you can get it fixed at no extra charge.

You can choose between various different colors, but on a more functional note, the stroller is easy to collapse down and fold in quick conditions, with a one hand fold mechanism. If you are using this as a travel stroller, you will find it fits in most airline overhead compartments too.

There are lots of added extras included, such as a very large shopping basket, a cup holder, and padded front bar, as well as a large sunshade, 5 point harness for extra safety, and a small magnetic canopy window so you can keep an eye on your little one.

Click here to see the latest prices of the ZOE XL1 BEST Xtra.

Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

Maclaren is a huge name in the stroller world and that gives you instant peace of mind that you are buying a quality product. This particular option is a great for those on a budget, who want something small and lightweight for short journeys and travel. Suitable for six months upwards, this is one of the easiest strollers to fold down quickly, whilst also being ultra-lightweight.

Included is a mesh seat with a single recline position, helping your child stay cool, without sweating, as well as a wind and rain resistant cover, which custom fits the stroller. This is a great choice for short journeys and summer time too, thanks to the breathable mesh seat material.

Choose between classic silver and black, or silver and red for something a little different. If you find you need a part replacing on the stroller, parts are very readily available, so you don’t have major expense if something goes wrong.

Click here to see the latest prices of the Maclaren Volo Stroller.

Quick Price Comparison of Top Umbrella Strollers

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Top 5 Umbrella Stroller for 2019 – reviews

Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller Review

The Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller is a quality and trendy stroller which, at 4.6/5, makes it our best rated umbrella stroller. It is suitable from about 6 months (or birth with the car seat) until your child is 50 pounds.

Our Chicco Liteway Plus review found a stroller that features a choice of colorful designs and can also be used as part of a travel system with the Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat. It is very easy to attach this car seat. Additionally, it has a one hand adjustable seat recline which can move to five different positions. There is also an adjustable, removable sun canopy and a zip off rear panel. It also comes with a cup holder attachment.

As you would expect from an umbrella stroller, the Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller folds up compactly. It is also easy to fold up and down. It has a handle to make carrying it and travel simple. It is a relatively heavy for an umbrella stroller, but still lighter than most full featured strollers.  This stroller is great for families who want a long lasting, quality stroller than can also be used as a travel system. Watch this best rated umbrella stroller in action below.

Read the full review of the Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller or check out the latest price.

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller Review

The Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is popular for good reason. This is an excellent choice for parents on a budget looking for a lightweight, umbrella stroller which is suitable from birth as it’s less than $100!

There are plenty of other things to love about this stroller as well. It’s a very light 12 pounds and holds kids up until they are 50 pounds and is quite roomy. There are also many features for such a cheap stroller, including the deep recline.

Taller parents will be happy to know that the handlebars are a high 42 inches. There is also a medium sized storage basket and canopy and a 5 point harness. It also comes with front wheel suspension and a cup holder and folds compactly.

Although not my favorite stroller on the market,  for the price I think it is very reasonable.

Click here to see the latest prices.

You can also read our full review of the Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience Stroller which is similar to this option but also is reversible.

Baby Jogger Vue Stroller Review

The Baby Jogger Vue Stroller is a full featured, quality stroller.

This stroller has one big feature that other umbrella strollers do not – it is reversible. This means that you can either have your baby facing away from you, like in a regular umbrella stroller, or facing towards you. It also easy to maneuver and fold. The Baby Jogger Vue Stroller is suitable from birth until 55 pounds and can also be used as a travel system with an infant car seat.

It has a multi position canopy and safety features such as a 5-point harness and rear safety break. It is fully reclining with multiple positions and both the recline and the reversible handlebars can be done with one hand. On the downside, the storage is limited and the basket underneath is difficult to access. It weighs in at 17 pounds. The front wheels can lock in place for more comfortable strolling over long distances. It is easy to clean and the lining comes off for easy washing.

The Baby Jogger Vue Stroller is best suited for families that want a great stroller that will work from birth with a seat that can be reversed.

Check out the latest price of the Baby Jogger Vue Stroller.

If you are trying to compare the Baby Jogger Vue vs the UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, the main differences are that the Vue features a full recline and is reversible. However, it is slightly heavier than the G-Luxe and does not feature a one hand fold.

Baby Jogger Vue Lite Stroller Review

The latest version of the Baby Jogger Vue is the Baby Jogger Vue Lite.

This stroller takes what we love about the Baby Jogger Vue, mainly that it is reversible with a full recline, and makes it a whole 3 pounds lighter. For such a light stroller (only 14 pounds), it is not lacking features.

This stroller is great to push and manoeuvre with all wheel suspension and lockable front wheels. It is suitable from birth to 55 pounds with a multi position recline and foot rest and also features a multi position canopy.

This stroller is suitable for taller parents and can also be used a travel system with a car seat adaptor. There is also a storage basket underneath.

There is less seat padding than you will find on the Vue, but it still sufficient. Our only complaint is that the handles are not adjustable and may be too tall for short parents.

Click here to see the latest prices of the Baby Jogger Vue Lite or read our full review here.

Maclaren Techno XT Stroller Review

The Maclaren Techno XT Stroller is a quality, full featured stroller.

This stroller features a 4 position fully reclining seat that is suitable from birth until your child is 55lbs. We consider it the best reclining umbrella stroller. It is lightweight and has 3 positioned molded handles which are good for taller parents.

The Maclaren Techno features 6″ alloy-style wheels. They have great suspension and maneuverability and the front wheels can be locked to make it easier to push over rough terrain. There are rear foot brakes. It also has a 5 point harness with a safety buckle that your child will not be able to open. There is an adjustable footrest. It has a decent sized basket for an umbrella stroller but it is hard to access when the seat is reclined. It also has a good sun canopy that is adjustable. The seat is fully removable and washable.

This stroller features a one handed fold with a carry handle. It weighs just 14.2 pounds. The handlebars have 3 positions and are ergonomically molded.

The Maclaren Techno XT Stroller is best suited for families who want a quality stroller that will last from birth until their child no longer needs a stroller. You can see the best reclining umbrella stroller in action here:

Check out the latest price of the Maclaren Techno XT Stroller.

Extra Umbrella Stroller Review

Maclaren Mark II Stroller Review

We have another Maclaren model here, and one which is certainly sturdier and perhaps more long-lasting than the Volo Stroller we just talked about. Again, you have the big name brand you can rely on, and this one comes in three very attractive colour choices – silver, black, or navy blue. The frame is unique in that it is hexagonal which gives it extra structural strength, whilst still being extremely lightweight for carrying and collapsing down.

There is an effective cable brake system included for peace of mind and safety, and the seat reclines for extra comfort for you child, with a mesh panel to help with ventilation. There is an included large wind and rain resistant cover, as well as 4 wheel suspension for rugged or difficult terrain. The shopping compartment is also large enough for anything you want to carry whilst you are out and about. This is a great quality stroller for the cost.

Click here to see the latest prices of the Maclaren Mark II Stroller.

Best Selling Umbrella Strollers on Amazon

Bestseller No. 1
Summer Infant, 3D Mini Convenience Stroller – Lightweight Stroller with Compact Fold MultiPosition Recline Canopy with Pop Out Sun Visor and More – Umbrella Stroller for Travel and More, Gray
  • Weighing just 11 pounds, the Summer by Ingenuity 3Dmini has a lightweight, durable steel frame that folds compactly with auto-lock that keeps it contained for travel and storage
  • Keeps kids comfortable and secure thanks to a 5-point harness with adjustable shoulder straps that grow with them, a full-size seat, canopy with flip out sun visor, and a padded seat back with 4-position recline
  • Anti-shock front wheels provide a smooth ride for them and easy maneuverability for you, while lockable rear wheels offer security when you need it most
  • Convenient parent features include 2 cup holders, rear storage pocket, cushioned handlebars, and a large, easy-access storage basket so you won't have to leave anything at home
  • The ideal lightweight umbrella stroller for travel, on-the-go, or every day use for children 6 months up to 45 pounds; folded dimensions are 44" x 9.5" x 13"
Bestseller No. 2
Ingenuity: ity by Ingenuity Smooth Stroll Convenience Stroller, Lightweight, with Aluminum Frame, Large Seat Area, 2 Position Recline, Extra Large Storage Basket – for Travel
  • Weighing in at just 11 pounds, the Ity by Ingenuity Smooth Stroll has a lightweight, durable steel frame and folds up towards you compactly with an auto-lock feature that keeps it contained for travel and storage
  • Little ones will feel comfy and supported on the go thanks to the full-sized seat, a two-position recline padded seat back, and 5-point safety harness
  • Keep the sun's rays at bay with a pop-out sun visor that provides your delicate baby with UPF 50+ protection
  • Children aren't the only ones who are in for a smooth ride, thanks to convenient parent features like a cupholder, cushioned handlebars, and a large, easy-access storage basket
  • The ideal lightweight stroller for travel or everyday for children 6 months up to 50 pounds; folded dimensions are 51.2" x 11.6" x 7.1"
Bestseller No. 3
UPPAbaby G-Luxe Umbrella Stroller/Lightweight Design for Easy Travel/One-Step Fold + Recline/XL Basket + Canopy/Cup Holder Included/Greyson (Charcoal Mélange/Carbon Frame)
  • GRAB + GO WITH EASE: Comfortable and agile, the G-Luxe is a feature-packed, lightweight umbrella stroller that moves with you.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOR TRAVEL: At just 16 lbs you can easily pick it up and carry it over your shoulder with the convenient carry strap.
  • SUITABLE FROM BABY TO TODDLER: The spacious seat holds up children from 3 months to 50 lbs so even the big kids can rest after a big day of adventures.
  • ELITE COMFORT: A one-handed recline, and adjustable leg rest keep your child comfortable whether running errands or catching the sights during naptime.
  • DELUXE CANOPY: Protect children from the sun with the extra-large, multi-paneled canopy and UPF 50+ sunshade.
Bestseller No. 4
Summer Infant 3Dlite ST Convenience Stroller, Black & Gray - Lightweight Stroller with Steel Frame, Large Seat Area, Multi-Position Recline, Storage Basket - for Travel and More
  • A lightweight stroller makes any outing a little easier! The Summer by Inegnuity 3Dlite ST Convenience Stroller has a durable steel frame that weighs just 15 pounds and has a large seat area, plus anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels.
  • FOR TRAVEL AND EVERYDAY: Whether you’re traveling or just on the go running everyday errands, having a lightweight, compact stroller is a must! With this one easy to use stroller, you’ll have both an everyday and travel stroller option.
  • MULTI-POSITION RECLINE: Keep your little one comfortable and safe at all times with the multi-position recline and 5 point safety harness. Maximum weight and height of child for this toddler stroller: 50 pounds and 43 inches.
  • COMPACT FOLD: The easy compact fold and auto lock make it simple to store this lightweight umbrella stroller and bring it with you to go! Plus, the adjustable and removable canopy with flip out sun visor is perfect for sunny days.
  • EXTRA STORAGE: With plenty of storage in this stroller, you won’t have to leave anything at home. It includes an extra-large storage basket, rear storage pocket and cup holder. Don’t overload storage basket: maximum of 10 lbs.
Bestseller No. 5
Bayer Design Dolls: Buggy Umbrella Stroller - Green & White Stars - Accessory for Dolls Up to 18", Foldable Design, Seat Belt, Kids Toy, Ages 3+
  • PUSH YOUR DOLL IN STYLE: Transport your favorite doll, plush, or stuffed animal in style! The stroller has a lovely green and white stars design that your little ones are sure to love!
  • STURDY DESIGN: The Stroller is built with solid construction - made to withstand exciting playtime. The Umbrella Stroller is designed for dolls up to 18" (46 cm).
  • EASY TO PUSH: This stroller has dual wheels making it easy for your little ones to push their doll indoors and outdoors! Conquer any terrain. STURDY DESIGN: The Stroller is built with solid construction
  • ENCOURAGE PRETEND PLAY: Play & Develop - Provides opportunities for nurturing roleplaying & engaged creativity. Little mommy's and daddy's can practice caretaking skills all while creating their own stories. The perfect doll accessory.

You can also read about more umbrella strollers in the lightweight strollers section. Unsure if an umbrella stroller is the right choice for you? Check out our home page which will help you decide which type of stroller to buy. You can also see the best new strollers for 2019!

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