The Best Lightweight Stroller for Getting Around in Port

So you have decided to take a vacation on your very own chartered yacht. You have thought about and picked your destination, and where you might sail. And one thing that many people like is not just the sailing, but stopping in the many exotic ports and different places that are along the way. This lets you and the people sailing with you have some time off the boat and to break up the journey with some beach time or sightseeing or shopping.


Taking young kids around on the shore

If you are traveling with your family, and are going to spend time ashore then younger children in your party will need some help. There can often be a lot of walking once on land, and this walking can take place in hot or humid conditions, making it hard for young children to keep up. This is something you need to take into account when planning your itinerary and trips to shore.

So if you are planning on taking your kids off the boat with you on your yacht vacation you need to consider how you will get your children around. One solution is to carry them, but this is also hard work for you. Child carriers that can be attached to your body can make it easier but it is still hard work when things are hot.

Thus the best way to move kids around when on land is by stroller, and if you are going to be stopping frequently for long periods of time with your kids you should think about bringing a stroller with you.

What type of Stroller is best?

Because you will be on the yacht you will need a stroller that is small in size but strong enough to carry your child. The stroller should be able to be folded up, so that it will not take up much of the limit space on board your boat. Having a folding stroller also makes it easier to carry the stroller onto and off the yacht by way of a gangplank or when transferring from another boat such as a tender when you have to do this is some of the ports you may visit.

Therefore the best type of stroller is an umbrella stroller that is lightweight. This will be the easiest to move, store and use during your vacation on the water.

Finding the Best Lightweight strollers

If you are going to buy a good lightweight stroller to take with you then you must do some research into them. It is important to find one that has good safety features and that will be safe and appropriate for your child. You must take into account their size and weight. And finally, you should find a stroller that folds up as small as possible and is lightweight at a price you can afford. There are a lot of websites with good information on lightweight strollers out there to help you find the best stroller for your needs.

Enjoy your trips to shore!

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