Baby Jogger POD Chassis Review

The Baby Jogger POD Chassis is a versatile, convenient stroller for up to 2 children. With its large 20 inch rear wheels, adjustable handle and variable wheel options this stroller is great for walking, jogging or riding your bike with your child. The fully-contained seats mean that there will be no more toys lost or blankets getting caught in the wheels as the cabin of this stroller zips up to ensure nothing goes missing while maintaining 180º views.

This stroller is best suited for families who believe in the importance of being outside and active. While it has the standard 4 wheel option for a regular stroller, it also can be converted into a 3-wheel jogging stroller and there is also a trailer adapter so you can pull it behind you while you go cycling. With the ability to go from a single passenger to dual passengers, this is ideal for families with children who are transitioning from the stroller to walking but not quite ready for the long walks yet as they can come and go as they are ready.

Features of the Baby Jogger POD Chassis

  • Capable of changing from 1 to 2 passengers with snap in 5-point harnesses
  • Fully enclosed cabin to prevent lost items
  • 20 inch rear air-filled wheels for all terrain use
  • 3 conversion kits: 4 wheels for everyday usage, 3 wheels for jogging and a bike attachment for cycling
  • Solid floor boards to allow for a supportive foot rest and easy entry/exit
  • Adjustable handle so it fits a variety of heights comfortably
  • Rear drum brakes for safety with hand brake
  • No-tool conversion system for easy transitioning
  • Rear wheels easily removable for even more compact storage


  • Dimensions folded:
    • Jogging kit with wheels: 38 x 29.75 x 20 inches
    • Stroller kit with wheels: 31 x 29.75 x 20 inches
    • Trailer kit with wheels: 38 x 29.75 x 20 inches
  • Dimensions assembled:
    • Jogging kit with wheels: 57.5 x 29.75 x 37-42 inches
    • Stroller kit with wheels: 43 x 29.75 x 37-42 inches
    • Trailer kit with wheels: 59 x 29.75 x 37-42 inches
  • Wheel dimensions:
    • Rear: 2x 20 inch air-filled
    • Front:
      • Stroller: 2x 8 inch plastic
      • Jogging: 1x 16 inch air-filled
    • Maximum storage weight of 8 pounds
    • Recommended for children over 1 year who can sit upright without support
    • Maximum combined passenger weight of 100 pounds

Watch the following video to check the stroller out in action for yourself.


I like the fact that all of the transitioning of this stroller can be done without tools which can, and will, be lost. There is plenty of storage and the fact it can change from one passenger to two with a few snaps is beyond convenient. The other nice feature is that you do not have to buy a bunch of different strollers for different uses as this functions well as all 3 varieties: stroller, jogger and bike trailer. The other thing I really like about this stroller is that it zips up. The number of toys, soothers, sippy cups and blankets falling on the floor alone is enough to make one consider this stroller.


The thing I didn’t like about this stroller is that the jogging feature only has the option of a fixed wheel. For some this may be a bonus, but for me it is something I would rather have the option of a swivel wheel. The other thing I don’t like is that to have full functionality of this stroller you need to buy a bunch of different kits for it, it would be nice if you could just buy the stroller and have it come with all the options.

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Summary – 4.0/5

All-in-all this is a great stroller for families who are active and enjoy spending time outdoors with their children. There are plenty of options in how to use this stroller and they have not sacrificed quality with any of them which is very impressive. They are discontinuing this model so get in quick!


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