Top 5 Best Lightweight Umbrella Strollers

So your beautiful little baby has arrived, and it is time to buy a stroller. There are so many choices out there, where do you begin? Do you want a big stroller with all the bells and whistles? Do you want a simple umbrella stroller that you can carry easily and set up with little effort? Do you want a jogging stroller for when you go out to exercise or a double jogging stroller, or are you looking for the more traditional stroller to use when you go shopping?

No matter what kind of stroller you are looking for one of the best kinds out there are the lightweight umbrella strollers. There sturdy, yet lightweight, easy to unfold and fold back up, come in all shapes and sizes, have many varieties of colors to choose from and are perfect for you and your little one. One note I would like to make though is no matter what brand of stroller or style of stroller you purchase please make sure it is JPMA certified. (JPMA stands for Juvenile Products Manufactures Association) The JPMA has a certification program that only allows for the best safety, functionality and quality strollers to get a seal of approval.

So what are the 5 best Lightweight Umbrella Strollers out on the market?

 UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller: The G-Luxe stroller is easy to use and weighs only about 13 lbs. making it ultra-light and easy to carry. It even comes with a strap so you can carry it on your shoulder. It folds up or down with a latch on the handle, which makes it so much easier than having to bend down and trying to fold it up or down. One of the best features is that when it is folded up it stands up which means you don’t have to lean it on something or put it on the ground so it stays much cleaner. The UPPA baby is super easy to push and maneuvers quite easily.continue here!

You can push it one handed or two, and it does great over rough terrain.

Some of the G-Luxe stroller’s safety features include a five-point safety harness for baby, and the front wheels are lockable for stability. The buckle is hard for toddles to undo but easy for parents, and the hinges are covered so little fingers and big fingers alike do not get pinched. The padded seat is machine washable and can be easily removed. This umbrella stroller is best used for babies 3 months and older and goes up to a 55 pounds weight limit.

The wide roomy seat makes it perfect for your child to grow up with, it has a smooth ride with four-wheel suspension and the footrest is easy to adjust. The frame has a beautiful arch to it so mom and dad won’t hit the stroller when walking; it also has a medium sized basket for carrying all kind of stuff under the seat. One of the best features is the large sun canopy that extends for SPF 50-plus sun protection for almost full coverage. You can’t ask for much more, so the UPPAbaby G-Luxe is on the top of our list for best lightweight umbrella strollers.

 The First Years Ignite: Next on our list is the First Years Ignite an economy stroller that also has quality. It weighs 14 lbs. which makes it easy to carry and folds up easily and is plenty small enough to fit into any trunk. This umbrella stroller is easy to push and super comfortable for your baby to sit in, the seat also reclines for that much needed nap that all babies love to take. The design of the Ignite makes it an extremely durable stroller that you will love to use anytime, anywhere.

Safety features include wheels that are 6 inches. in diameter and with rear brakes and front locks this makes for a safe and secure ride for your little one. It comes with a slip-resistant handle that is tall enough to offer convenience; it has the 5-point harness for your baby so that the baby won’t ever fall out the front. This umbrella stroller is designed to hold a toddler up to 50 lbs.

Some of the special features on the First Years Ignite include a removable and adjustable canopy that helps to block those harmful UV rays;it also has a large upper storage console for holding all of baby’s necessities as well as mom and dad’s drinks or phones. This amazing umbrella stroller is perfect for your little ones.

 Chicco Capri:Why is the Chicco Capri so great? For one thing it is made out of aluminum which is a lightweight alloy and is incredibly sturdy. This solid stroller only weighs 11 pounds. This makes it easy for parents and grandparents to carry it around. Plus it comes with a carry bag and a shoulder carry strap which is really nice. On the front wheels it has a spring shock suspension system which makes it easy to go over rough terrain and uneven surfaces. No more pushing and pulling and bumpy rides for baby.

There is a bag that is built in on the back of the Capri Umbrella stroller that is perfect for anything you may need to carry, like diapers, bottles, wipes, baby food and so much more. The adjustable canopy is made of colorful nylon which folds out to cover baby no matter the weather, rain, wind snow or too much sunshine. It has comfy padded straps for babies comfort and a two-position reclining seat so baby can rest whenever the little tyke needs to. The Chicco Capri is a family favorite for travel or everyday use.

 Maclaren Quest: This award winning umbrella stroller has comfort, style and security. It has a comfy padded seat and has 4 different reclining positions as well as an extendable leg rest for when baby becomes a toddler. The Maclaren Quest is sturdy enough to stand up to just about anything you or your baby can do to it, weighing in at 14 pounds it has a wobble free construction, durable seat fabric that is washable and is easy to fold up .

This stroller has the 5 point harness for safety; it steers super easy you can even steer with one hand, and is made of high performance aluminum. The hood is water proof and protects baby from all the elements, it also has a viewing window so you can keep an eye on baby without removing the hood. This umbrella stroller has a carry strap for your convenience, it also has foot operated linked brakes. It has a sturdy shopping basket and standard doorways are no problem as it fits right through them. Who could ask for anything more in this terrific stroller?

 Jeep Cherokee Sport: Just like its name this umbrella stroller is sturdy and ready for the on the go family. It is extremely light weight coming in at just 11.8 pounds with its compact fold it is great for day trips as well as for the over the road traveling babies. It can be folded easily with one hand and stands all by itself for the convenience of mom and dad. It has an easy access storage basket that can hold all of babies’ necessities and it has reclining seat with multi positions to keep any baby in comfort.

Lightway Plus umbrella stroller

Some of the other great features of the Jeep Cherokee Sport is that it has a parent tray that can hold two drinks and can be used as an extra storage area; it has a removable tray for baby with a juice box holder and two cup holders. It has an extended three tier canopy for absolute coverage to protect baby from the elements with a peek- a- boo window so mom and dad can keep an eye on baby. Of course it comes with the 5 point adjustable safety harness and it holds toddlers up to 50 pounds. Tough but beautiful that is the Jeep Cherokee Sport umbrella stroller.

These top 5 umbrella strollers have been rated by parents as the best of the best. Comfort for our little ones is as important as is the strength and durability of the stroller. Convenience of use, easy fold up and storage are some of the other features that were taken into consideration. So when the time comes to purchase a stroller for the most important person in your life, your baby, here is a great starting point.

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