Good Parenting Tips For New Moms or Dads

Whether you are already a parent or simply considering starting a family, it is important to understand how to be a good parent. When it comes to good parenting tips, everyone has an opinion. However there are a few common threads.

Give your child a choice

When dealing with a child, especially a toddler, reasoning with them does not always work. If the child is feeling cranky, even a simple “time to get dressed” can yield an emphatic “No!” You can often get a child to cooperate by involving him or her in the process. For example, instead of simply asking your daughter to get dressed, try asking her if she would like to wear her pink dress or her purple dress. Since both are acceptable choices, you get what you want, and your child gets to feel like they have a little control in their own lives.

Be consistent

The single most important of the good parenting tips is to be consistent. If you tell your child something, stick to it. They need to understand that your word is final. If you let them get away with something once, they know they can do it again. This can lead to behavior spiraling rapidly downwards. Let a child stay up late once, and you will have a bedtime tantrum on your hand for months to come. This also means you should not threaten to do something you are not willing to follow up on. If you say that you will turn the car around and the misbehavior continues, you need to be willing to actually turn the car around and go home, even if it means an inconvenience in your day.

Teaching good habits starts early. While a baby or toddler is too young to be responsible for chores or even cleaning their own room, you can start involving them in the process. Make a game out of putting the toys away and have them help you around the house. They will feel like a “big kid” when you let them help out with chores like taking out the trash or feeding the dog. Even if you do all the work, the mere fact that they are with you can inspire them to grow up into little helpers.

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Limit electronics time

While electronics such as televisions, video games and tablets can be useful entertainment and even educational tools, you need to be careful not to rely on them too much. Make sure your child learns to enjoy entertaining his or herself and develops their imagination. In addition, when your child grows up playing outdoors it helps ward off the epidemic of childhood obesity that is becoming a problem worldwide.

You don’t need a lot of good parenting tips to be a good mom or dad. With a few key ideas, you can handle almost any situation that crops up. When you are consistent and involved in raising your child, they are sure to grow up into well behaved and productive adults.

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